With COVID not really gone, winter 2021/2022 was made for reading. Here is my list of books, I recommend to you:

The Age of the Living Machines 

from Susan Hockfield
Are you asking yourself, what’s next after Blockchain and Quantum? I think it will be “Bio”. We already learn a lot from mother nature when we build new products, but the next evolution will be the incorporation of “living material” like bacteria into technology. (Enter computer virus jokes here.) Susan Hockfield gives us a valuable glimpse into that future without much science fiction.

The New Silk Roads 

by Peter Frankopan
Angela Merkel once said she understands the Chinese: For them, China ruled the known world for 3000 years and the last 100 years of American, Russian, and (perhaps) European domination are just an episode. For me, understanding the shift to Asia in worldwide trade is key to understanding how our planet will evolve over the next years. This great book about the global economy, multi-lateral politics, and the present & future of our world provides you with exactly that insight.

H is for Hawk 

by Helen Macdonald
This is not about politics or economics, it is about taming a hawk. Helen Macdonald tells a prize-winning story of personal development, finding one’s own roots, and arriving in human society. It isn’t always an easy book – especially when you are not into nature and hunting – but it is worth every minute. Highly recommended!