Hello, my name is Bastian.

I am part of Deloitte Consulting's Technology Strategy & Transformation practice. 

For the last 15+ years - working for Accenture, Publics.Sapient and others -, the internet and innovative technologies shaped my professional profile. I consulted top-tier companies dealing with strategic challenges, enterprise IT architecture, and technology-enabled business transformation. I am a proud early adopter, looking into innovative technologies and leveraging their value for my clients.

With a background in different industries – especially Industrial & Manufacturing, Mobility and Power – I help companies to develop their strategy, set up & execute transformational projects, build disruptive products & services, and create a meaningful impact in the world of a customer.

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Business-led & Tech-enabled (compressed) Transformation

  • Create a strategy to bring your top company goals into action
  • Set up a transformation program which closes the gap between business and technology
  • Leverage the Transformation Office (TO) to steer complexity and create value
  • Shorten the overall timeline by compressing strategy, process re-imagination, pilot building and rollout realization.

Growth and Intelligent Operations

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in growth potential - and rethink the operating model
  • Start to infuse automation and AI
  • Prioritize a set of recommended changes that span the portfolio of growth efforts, talent, and culture and enabling technology infrastructure
  • Launch/accelerate a strategic cost reduction program and lift efficiency potentials in all cost areas
  • Define an implementation roadmap

Innovation & Security

  • Start your journey into Generative Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, 5/6G Networks, Metaverse, Blockchain and many other technologies
  • Understand the promises, advantages, challenges and threats of new technology.
  • Maintain a state-of-the-art security ecosystem to answer the growing peril of attacks.

Sustainable Business

  • Reshape the business model in response to transition to net zero
  • Design your products with a sustainability value engineering approach
  • Build net zero, circular and transparent value chains allowing supplier tracking
  • Reduce the IT, cloud and software footprint while unleashing its potential

Embedded Software & Engineering

  • Accelerated change of economy and society demands faster time to market
  • Software-enabled innovation and a new generation of hardware leads to smarter products and services
  • CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) spreads from Mobility to other industry sectors. 

Resilient Supply Chain

  • Accelerate recovery from COVID, Ukraine war and other effects and right-size resources and assets
  • Scale-up an agile and resilient industrial system
  • Leverage automation and AI in your production and warehouse

AI, Data, Cloud, and Digital Leverage

  • Start or accelerate the journey to cloud
  • Transform data collection and storage
  • Infuse a data-driven mindset to the workforce
  • Enable a "data culture" with a clear data strategy and governance
  • Unleash the power of AI with analytics and process mining 

Race to Service-based Business Models

  • Design, launch, and enhance intelligently, connected products & services
  • Architect, develop, scale, and maintain software-based platforms
  • Expand, incentivize and integrate as-a-service provider ecosystem


D2C, B2B2C, and Consumerization of Industrial

  • Reshape the customer experience with a D2C (direct to customer) approach
  • Make digital E2E customer and channel interactions the norm
  • Give proactive, customized recommendations and gather data-driven insights
  • Establish automated, standardized sales processes & collaborative front-office operations

Out of Office

I live with my wife and our two kids in Lower Bavaria - a region famous for tourism, outdoor sports, nature and Bavarian culture. 

If there is any free time I do not spend with my family, I love to ride my motorbike, hunt and cook.